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Engage your targeted audience


Dawson and Algarni offers multimedia storytelling workshops designed to guide our clients through the creation of engaging text, photographs, storyboards, video clips, audio, and graphics.  We offer one-day 2-4 hour workshops for smaller groups of`10 up to audiences of 150 or more. Our pricing starts at $3,000. The final pricing depends on workshop length, and group size.

Generate excitement


 What's something exciting your business offers? How is it different from your competitors? Our multimedia storytelling workshops are design to train your staff how to convey your corporate story to the targeted audience. When consumers align with a company they develop brand loyalty. Brand loyalty creates the possibility of repeat business. 

Close the deal


Utilizing multimedia storytelling can lower bounce rates on your business website. This is important when trying to obtain conversions. 

Multimedia Storytelling

A client took a video of our media spot. - Times Square, NYC 2/2019
Featured is Khalid Algarni, IT Expert, Dawson and Algarni LLC